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Anyone who has ever played quarterback has felt the tremendous pressure that has been thrown upon him.  But as the quarterback practices and continues to grow, as he masters the fundamentals, he will become more confident and the pressure will become less. 

What are the Fundamentals?

The fundamentals are the basics.
I. Quarterback Stance Fundamentals
     A. Feet and Body Positioning
          1. Feet Shoulder width apart
          2. Knees Bent
          3. Pigeon-toed
          4. Weight on inside of feet
          5. Weight on balls of feet
          6. Heels off of the ground
          7. Back straight
     B. Hand Positioning for snap exchange
          1. Thumbs fit
          2. Hand only into the center's crack up to the top hand's wrist "break"
          3. Wrist break about 45 degrees
          4. "Bad finger" up the center's crack
II. Quarterback-Center Snap Exchange Fundamentals
    A. "3- P's": Pressure-Push-Pull
          1. Pressure- by pushing up with the lower hand, so hands don't separate
          2. Push- ride the center's butt as he leaves: follow him with your hands
          3. Pull- pull the ball with both hands into the belly button for security
    B. "Elbows in; we win": pull elbos into sides, don't have elbows out
III. Throwing Fundamentals or Mechanics
    A. Arm and Hand Mechanics
          1. Pushing ball up with both hands
          2. Releasing high: Elbow at ear height
          3. Leading with elbow
          4. Snapping thumb down
    B. Stride, knee Bend, and Hip Rotation Mechanics
          1.Cardinal Rule: Never throw flat-footed!
          2. Before each throw, get on toes, get a "bounce"
          3. Step 10 Degrees to the left of target
          4. Bend both knees
          5. Take only a short stride step (knees stay bent)
          6. Rotate hips so that your belly button is pointing to the target

Master the fundamentals Today, be successful for years to come!

Thanks to Coach Leposky of Goose Creek High School.