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Pull arms across body- pull left arm across to the right side, then the right arm across to the left side.
Roll shoulders and arms in a circular direction.
Rotate neck in a circular direction.
Reach overhead or bend at the waist and let arms hand toward the floor.
Twist hips in a circular direction, then to the left and right.
While standing, spread legs wide apart and reach through with the arms.
While standing, spread legs wide apart, then bring head to one knee and then the other.
Straddle split on the ground and lean the body forward.
From a sitting position, with the feet wide apart, grab and hold the toes.

Warming Up

Sit at 5 yards apart and throw
One knee at 7.5 yards and throw
Turn away at 10 yards and throw
Face each other at 12.5 yards and throw
Step and throw at 15 yards