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Making and Faking the Handoff
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Making the Handoff

        When making the handoff, there must be a good mesh point. The Quarterback must get the ball to the fullback, halfback or tailback and the runningback must make a good pocket so that the quarterback can seat the ball easily. The quarterback must look the ball in and then carry out the fake. Looking the ball in is a must for two reasons. He must make sure that the ball was given smoothly and that there is not a fumble. The other reason is for faking.

Faking the Handoff

         Faking the handoff is hard for a first timer but should become second nature if he practices. The first thing, no matter what, is out of the quarterbacks control. The team must establish the running game. If there is no running game, then it will be hard to fool the defense. Establishing the running game makes the defense to try to stop a strong running play. If you are constantly moving the chains then you might not want to do a play-action pass unless you are looking to score a touchdown or you want to keep the defense in line. But it all starts with the fake run. Everything must look the same just as if it is a run play. The quarterback has the same job except he pulls the ball or just puts his hand in the pocket of the runningback. The key is to use his eyes. Follow the ball just as you would if you were really giving it to him. This makes the defense come up and try to stop the run. Then the quarterback can finish the play whether it is just stopping or doing a bootleg.