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Quarterbacking 101
Finding A Lane
The Quarterback Stance
Top 10 Quarterback Tips
Throwing The Ball
Making and Faking the Handoff
Quarterback Fundamentals
Off-Season Training
Game Preparation
Quarterback Drills
Gripping the Football
Making Reads
Passing Techniques

       A quarterback soon learns to find lanes in different places when working against a three, four, or five man rush. The maneuvering itself, however, is natural and instinctive and thus should not be a programmed or predetermined move. Lanes not only provide for improved vision but also allow the signal caller to step up and throw the football. Stepping up places outside rushers behind the quarterback's throwing track, providing still another aspect of passing in a lane.
       Man rather than zone protection is more conducive to the formation of lanes. Nonetheless, there are always openings to slide to, and the quarterback's job is to be aware of these throwing positions. It should also be noted that if zone protection is firmer and confronts the pass rusher closer to the line of scrimmage. Because of the increased space between the quarterback and rushers, throwing lanes are not as necessary.

Thanks to Don Read, Author of "Complete Quarterbacking"