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Quarterbacking 101
Adjusting Body and Feet in the Throwing Process
The Quarterback Stance
Top 10 Quarterback Tips
Throwing The Ball
Making and Faking the Handoff
Quarterback Fundamentals
Off-Season Training
Game Preparation
Quarterback Drills
Gripping the Football
Making Reads
Passing Techniques

       A lot of people don't realize how critical the quarterback's feet are in the passing process. The advice "Always throw the ball with your geet under you" is basically correct, as the feet provied stability for accuracy and velocity. Like other fundamentals, game situations such as scrambling or backing away from a pass rusher sometimes don't allow the ideal to occur. Whenever possible, the quarterback should use correct foot position to encourage body balance, quick delivery, proper follow-through, and body push.
       There is no perfectly correct way to manage the body, but there are some basic guidelines that help develop ideal body alignment for the quarterback. The quarterback's shoulders and hips should face the receiver as the ball leaves his throwing hand. The body is propelled when the passer's lead foot steps in the direction of the receiver. The quarterback should force his front upfield shoulder to open completely. Tell the quaterback to attemp to push his belly button in the direction of the released football as his arm begins its downward cycle in the delivery. The quarterback's weight shifts from his back foot to his front foot when passing from a stationary position to encourage follow-through.
       The trnsfer of weight is not productive when the quarterback is running. That is why it is more difficult to throw as hard or be on target when the passer is on the move. When the quarterback passes while moving, his weight is always forward on his front foot. he throws from his follow-through psition because of the progression of the weight transfer to the follow-through.

Thanks to Don Read, Author of "Complete Quarterbacking"