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Quarterbacking 101
Contributing Aspects to Passing Mechanics
The Quarterback Stance
Top 10 Quarterback Tips
Throwing The Ball
Making and Faking the Handoff
Quarterback Fundamentals
Off-Season Training
Game Preparation
Quarterback Drills
Gripping the Football
Making Reads
Passing Techniques

       Quarterback passing fundamentals incorporate four absolutes: stance, exchange, setup, and release. Equal stress is placed on all four phases of passing, but releasing the ball is the most vital. With respect to any or all of these factors, a quarterback may need some minor deviation with the total delivery process to best suit his talents.
       There is no perfect way to execute these techniques but rather a basically sound procedure that applies to the uniqueness of the individual quarterback. In short, passing mechanics differ some what from one person to the next, but what is important is that each quarterback perfects his oun attributes within the throwing process.

Thanks to Don Read, Author of "Complete Quarterbacking"